• 18 Sep 2014

    Waha Capital board approves share buy-back programme

    Abu Dhabi, 18 September 2014 Waha Capital, a leading Abu Dhabi-based investment company, announced yesterday its intention to implement a share buy-back programme for up to 10% of the outstanding shares of the company, allowing for the repurchase of up to 194 million of the company’s shares from the market.

    The share buy-back programme will be carried out on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, and is subject to the approval and regulation of the Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA).

    Waha Capital’s Board of Directors approved the programme yesterday in a meeting chaired by His Excellency Hussain Jasim Al Nowais, Chairman of Waha Capital.

    Commenting on the programme, H.E. Al Nowais said: “Waha Capital’s aim is to continue to deliver shareholder value. The business has proven to be very solid, and has a healthy cash position. We have faith in the future growth of the company and are very confident in its ability to continue to deliver strong shareholder value. Our share buy-back programme will allow shareholders to directly benefit from Waha Capital’s continued profit generation.”

    Salem Rashid Al Noaimi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Waha Capital, added: “We are a profitable business with ambitious plans for future growth. Waha Capital has sufficient funds to continue investing in high potential areas in the region, and is therefore in a position to carry out a share buy-back programme that benefits shareholders.”

    The share buy-back programme will be carried out within 12 months of approval by SCA, with purchased shares held by the company as treasury shares. In accordance with SCA regulations, the shares must be sold by the company within two years from the date of the last purchasing transaction.

    Waha Capital recorded a first-half net profit of AED 1.3 billion – a nine-fold increase from a year earlier. The company has also raised US$575 million this month through a hedging transaction on half of its stake in AerCap, with the proceeds being used to make further investments and pay down debt.

  • 3 Sep 2014

    Waha Capital enters into a hedging transaction and raises funding on half of its investment in AerCap

    Abu Dhabi, 3 September 2014 -- Waha Capital, a leading Abu Dhabi-based investment company, has entered into a hedging transaction on half of its shares (c. 14.9 million) in New York-listed AerCap Holdings N.V. (“AerCap”), the world’s largest independent aircraft leasing company.

    Through the transaction, Waha Capital has effectively locked in the value of these shares at a minimum price of $42.39 per share, up to a cap of $61.23 per share, subject to certain adjustments. This price range compares well to the original investment cost of $13.00 per share and its carrying value on Waha Capital’s balance sheet of $31.87 per share as of 30 June 2014. AerCap’s share price closed at $49.17 on 2 September 2014.

    The transaction provides additional funding of $575 million, which will be used to partially repay existing debt and to fund new investment opportunities. Post-transaction, Waha Capital’s cash balance and available credit facility limit will provide funding of approximately AED 1.8 billion ($500 million) for new investments.

    In May, AerCap completed the acquisition of International Lease Finance Corporation ("ILFC") from American International Group, Inc. ("AIG"). The combined entity is now the largest independent aircraft leasing company in the world, with an owned and managed fleet of over 1,300 aircraft and total assets of approximately $44 billion. After the hedging transaction, Waha Capital will retain an economic shareholding of approximately 14.1% in the combined, larger company.

    In August, Waha Capital reported a record net profit of AED 1.138 billion for the second quarter of 2014, the first time quarterly net profit exceeded the AED 1 billion mark. The company’s half-year net profit reached AED 1.289 billion, representing a 9-fold year-on-year increase. These exceptional results were largely due to the unlocking of part of the value in Waha Capital’s stake in AerCap following its acquisition of ILFC.

  • 22 Jul 2014

    Waha Capital reports a record Q2 preliminary net profit of AED 1.1 billion

    ABU DHABI, 22 July 2014: Waha Capital PJSC, a leading investment company based in Abu Dhabi (ADX: WAHA), has reported a preliminary net profit of AED 1.138 billion for the second quarter of 2014, up from AED 38.4 million recorded in the corresponding period a year earlier.

    The record quarterly net profit for the company -- the first time quarterly net profit has exceeded the AED 1 billion mark -- was largely due to the unlocking of part of the value in Waha Capital’s stake in AerCap Holdings NV following the New York-listed company’s acquisition of International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), a transaction that closed in May this year.

    Waha Capital booked a one-off gain related to the transaction, and recorded a higher earnings contribution from AerCap, because of the increase in scale, valuation and earnings per share at the aircraft leasing company. Other Waha Capital portfolio companies also displayed steady performances, with Anglo Arabian Healthcare and Dunia Finance, continuing their promising business development.

    Half-year net profit reached AED 1.289 billion, representing a 9-fold year-on-year increase.

    Commenting on the results, His Excellency Hussain Jasim Al Nowais, Chairman of Waha Capital, said: “These exceptional results are a testament to Waha Capital’s strong financial position and sound investment process. The company is in an excellent position to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities in high potential sectors in the local and regional economy.”

    Al Nowais added: “We will continue to focus on maintaining a healthy pace of growth in our core activities. I am confident that Waha Capital has the right level of expertise and the financial capacity to continue to maximize shareholder value.”

    Salem Rashid Al Noaimi, CEO and Managing Director of Waha Capital said: “Our diversified investment strategy is yielding strong results. It is important to note that one-off gains, such as that recorded from the AerCap-ILFC transaction are infrequent in the short term, but based on our strong track record, we are confident that our strategy for value creation will produce return on equity which we believe will continue to exceed that of our local and regional peers.”

    He added: “Waha Capital is very well funded and we are looking to commit further capital in high potential areas of the economy, in particular healthcare, energy and infrastructure. At the same time, we will continue to develop our capital markets investment business, which is establishing a strong track-record of outperformance in global credit markets, and most recently in equities.”

    The value of Waha Capital’s assets increased 24% to AED 6.5 billion as of the end of the second quarter, up from AED 5.2 billion as at December 31 2013, with total shareholder equity increasing to AED 3.7 billion from AED 2.5 billion during the same period.

    At the end of March, Waha Capital completed the refinancing of its credit facilities, with 13 local and international banks participating. The company obtained a five-year US$750 million facility comprising a term loan for US$375 million and a revolving loan for the same amount. This replaces a previous US$505 million facility secured in 2011.

    In June, the company announced the establishment of a new unit to drive its future investments in the energy sector across the Middle East and North Africa region. The unit, which is part of Waha Capital’s Principal Investments division, has made its first investment -- in National Petroleum Services (NPS) -- as part of a consortium that has acquired a controlling stake in the UAE-headquartered oil and gas services company.

    The NPS transaction, which closed on 26 June 2014, has a total equity value of $370 million (AED 1.36 billion), with Waha Capital taking a 20.56 percent equity stake for $76 million (AED 280 million). Contributions from NPS will be included in the company’s third quarter earnings of this year.

    Investments perform well

    New York-listed AerCap Holdings NV has expanded significantly through the acquisition of ILFC from American International Group, Inc. (AIG), a transaction that closed in May this year. The transaction delivered immediate shareholder value through a large increase in scale and earnings.

    Through the transaction, which AerCap partially funded through the issuance of new equity to AIG, Waha Capital’s stake in AerCap was reduced to 14.1 percent from 26.3 percent. As a result of this dilution, the company booked a one-off non-cash gain for deemed disposal on the 12.2 percent stake reduction.

    Waha Capital is also benefitting from a greater earnings contribution from AerCap. Earnings per share for AerCap are forecast to rise to US$ 3.01 in 2014 and US$ 4.15 in 2015, according to Bloomberg consensus estimates, compared to US$ 2.54 achieved in 2013.

    As a result of the acquisition, AerCap has become the global leader in aircraft leasing, more than tripling its fleet to 1,300 owned and managed aircraft. The company, which serves over 200 customers in more than 90 countries, has over $25 billion of future aircraft deliveries on its newly combined order book.

    In the second quarter, AerCap signed lease agreements for 36 aircraft, delivered 28 aircraft under contracted lease agreements, purchased 10 new aircraft, and closed the sale of 48 aircraft.

    Dunia Finance, a UAE-based consumer finance company in which Waha Capital owns a 25 percent stake, continued to produce very strong results in the second quarter, with net profits up by 48.5 percent year on year to AED 82.7 million. Dunia’s loan book expanded 20.3 percent in the six months to end of June 2014, with customer deposits growing 20.6 percent in the same timeframe. The company had a customer base of 150,400 as at 30 June 2014.

    The capital markets division at Waha Capital continued to grow its contribution to the company’s profits. It has been increasing its exposure to global credit markets over the last two years, and has begun to invest successfully in regional equities.

    The Anglo Arabian Healthcare (AAH) Group performed well, having already broken even in the first quarter, less than a year after its acquisition by Waha Capital. The six clinics operated by the group have increased their volumes of patient visits significantly. AAH continues to pursue a number of potential acquisitions and is making steady progress on its greenfield hospital and clinic projects.

    Waha Capital continues to benefit from its stable investment in MENA Infrastructure Fund, a $300m private equity infrastructure fund with assets spread across Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Egypt.

    Stanford Marine Group (SMG), which charters and operates offshore supply vessels (OSVs) and in which Waha Capital holds a 49 percent stake, maintained stable profits in the quarter with its fleet of 40 vessels achieving an average utilisation rate of 91 percent. In the first six months of this year, SMG took delivery of one anchor handling tug supply vessel and one platform supply vessel. The company’s Grandweld Shipyard has also delivered four ships and completed 174 repair and maintenance jobs.

    Waha Capital’s industrial real estate development, ALMARKAZ, has seen good leasing demand due to the project’s high-quality infrastructure, strategic location, flexibility and scale. ALMARKAZ continued to receive growing interest from light industrial processing, manufacturing and logistics businesses attracted by the development’s international standard infrastructure and warehouse facilities.

    As of the end of the second quarter, 79 percent of the 90,000 sq. m. of Small Industrial Units (SIUs) had been leased. ALMARKAZ is exploring a number of growth plans including the expansion of SIU space, and development of new products such as warehouses and light industrial units on the remaining 0.8 sq. km of serviced land within Phase I of the development.

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Waha Capital CEO & MD Salem Al Noaimi announces New Healthcare Investment


  • Waha Capital CEO & MD Salem Al Noaimi announces New Healthcare Investment

    “Waha Capital today announced a new investment in the healthcare sector through its acquisition of Anglo Arabian Healthcare (AAH), a healthcare group with investments focused on the Northern Emirates and Abu Dhabi. One of the objectives of this investment is to diversify Waha Capital’s sources of income, in line with our business strategy which we formulated 4-5 years ago. We have thankfully succeeded in implementing this strategy, and this investment complements it.

    Entering the Healthcare sector is very important to Waha Capital as it holds high growth potential and is a government priority for the UAE. We will look to increase our investments within this sector in the next three to five years, and plan to make this sector a greater contributor to Waha Capital’s revenues.”