Chairman's Message

Waha Capital is an Abu Dhabi-listed investment company that offers shareholders and third-party investors exposure to high-potential opportunities in diversified asset classes.

Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the world’s most dynamic economies, our growth strategy is primarily focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets, where we see strong macro-economic drivers and significant untapped opportunities.

Waha Capital invests in sectors that are underpinned by robust demand and attractive growth prospects, specifically aircraft leasing, financial services and fintech, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, industrial real estate and capital markets.

For example, in late 2017 we invested in Dubai-based fintech firm Channel VAS, which is growing rapidly across emerging markets, providing credit to largely un-banked populations through mobile phones. The company is pioneering in the field of credit risk, using data to ensure rapid assessment of likely personal financial behaviour, and keeping default rates down to just 0.5 percent.

In the UAE, we have invested in the healthcare sector, which is seeing significant demand due to population growth, rising income levels, and an aging population. Our portfolio company,  Anglo Arabian Healthcare owns and operates clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centres and a hospital, having expanded through add-on acquisitions and organic growth, to enhance efficiency, quality and economies of scale. 

We also focus on building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with the companies we invest in. This is particularly evident in AerCap Holdings, the world’s largest aircraft leasing company – where we have been a strong and long-standing backer. Thanks to our patient approach, Waha Capital has achieved a strong return on investment, giving us the financial resources to expand our investments in other areas.     

Given our excellent track record in direct and capital markets investments through business and market cycles, Waha Capital is well placed to provide our expertise to third party investors. The company offers a suite of funds and co-investment opportunities, investing significant proprietary capital to align our interests closely with those of our investment partners. 

In the coming years, we will be focused on deepening our relationships further with third-party investors, deploying our expertise and excellence in risk management to deliver mutual benefit.

Our strength is derived from broad diversification across asset classes and sectors, prudent financial management, our strong institutional backing and deep roots in the MENA region.

I am confident these attributes will help deliver attractive returns to shareholders and investment partners in the years ahead as we continue to pursue attractive opportunities in markets that are primed for further growth. 

Salem Rashid Al Noaimi


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