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2013 Sep 24

Waha Capital, Abu Dhabi Airport & Dubai Duty Free sponsor scientific trip by SMC students to Munich

Abu Dhabi, June 11, 2011- A group of students from the Business department at Sharjah Men’s College (SMC) made a field visit to the German city of Munich with the aim of exposing students to sustainable initiatives within the German economy.

The prime objective of the visit, organized last May and sponsored by Waha Capital PJSC, Abu Dhabi Airport Company and Dubai Duty Free, was to expose students to Germany’s pioneering sustainable initiatives within vital sectors of the country’s economy including transportation, eco-tourism, cultural and historical preservation.

Waha Capital CEO, Salem Rashid al Noaimi said “this educational trip goes on line with the company’s strategy to develop the UAE youth’s talents and familiarize them with experiments of other nations in various economic and social sectors. This would help acquire the needed skills, stimulate their creativity and upgrade their cognitive abilities before going into the labor market". This sponsorship is an integral part of the company’s social responsibility program since it was established a decade and a half ago, he added. This responsibility emanates from the strong belief of the company’s staff in the necessity to prepare future generations and enrich their knowledge and experience according to an approach planned by the country’s wise leadership led by President of the state His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and HH General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

While in Munich, the students visited the UAE General Consulate. His Excellency, The General Consul Mr. Mohammed Al Rumaithy welcomed the students and gave a short speech highlighting the importance of international study trips as an interactive and practical mean of education. This would largely contribute to conveying the bright image of the UAE state and its message of an open-minded policy to the outside world, Rumaithi said.

Within the interactive program of the visit, the students made field visits to a number of environmental locations where experiments of sustainability are being conducted to preserve natural and environmental resources taking into account the protection of heritage legacy. They also visited major industrial plants including the Mercedes-Benz and BMW and all the logistical support in Stuttgart and Munich cities where they looked into the state-of-the-art environment-friendly technologies used in automobile engine design and manufacturing.

In return, the students thanked Waha Capital and the other sponsors for supporting this program and highly appreciated the vital role undertaken by the national companies to endorce educational training programs aimed to develop students’ competitive abilities at the local and international levels.

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